Jenna's Law

“Jenna’s Law” is named after Jenna Quinn, a survivor of sexual abuse who has since become a well known advocate in ending sexual abuse of children and adolescents.

“Jenna’s Law” was inspired by occurrences that began in Jenna’s life at the age of 12, when her basketball coach and longtime family-friend began “grooming” her. Two years later the grooming became abusive behavior, continuing for another two years.

Days after Jenna’s abuser was sentenced to 20 years in person, she began to share her story with the public. In August 2009, “Jenna’s Law” passed as the first child abuse prevention law in the U.S. requiring K-12 trainings for students, all school staff, and parents, addressing sexual abuse and other forms of mistreatment. “Jenna’s Law” was later expanded to include child care centers, foster care centers, child planning agencies, and universities.

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