The OffenderWatch Initiative is proud to work with the following partners in providing quality information regarding sexual predator laws and resources.

Watch Systems, LLC
Over the past ten years, Watch Systems has seen OffenderWatch® become established as the industry-standard sex offender registration, management and community notification solution at both the state and local level. Well-proven in hundreds of local and state agencies of all sizes from coast to coast, OffenderWatch® is delivered and supported by seasoned professionals from Watch Systems who understand law enforcement and the stress they are under managing sex offenders. At whatever point in the process of evolving management systems your state or agency is - OffenderWatch® can help you with affordable, convenient, off-the-shelf solutions that can be implemented in weeks, not years!

Ryan United
The mission of Ryan United is to bring together resources for education, enforcement, and the development of programs related to the tracking and management of Sex Offenders. Working with Law Enforcement throughout the country, Ryan United will strive to assist citizens and communities to gain a better understanding of how to protect themselves against sexual predators. Ryan United will work diligently with prosecutors, court systems, and legislators to ensure that our nations children will remain protected from child predators and that a fate such as Ryans will never happen to another child.

Hope House Children's Advocacy Center
Here is a special place. A warm space. Designed to make a frightened child feel protected, and respected. This is the Children's Advocacy Center's Hope House, a facility especially designed to welcome, guide and support children who have been physically or sexually abused. Together, our team will help children and their families find hope, healing and justice.

The Fight Back Project
The Fight Back Project is intended to connect the physical and emotional aspects of violence against women and teenage children. Angela Champagne survived an assault from a serial rapist by fighting back and has made it her mission to teach other women about boundaries, stalking, defensive weapons, mindset, verbal confrontations, relationship red flags and many basic self-defense moves. The organization also offers courses to women to show women how to put this knowledge in action and has expanded to teens in middle and high schools.

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