Why the kangaroo?

The mother red kangaroo (also known as a flyer) and her joey of the OffenderWatch Initiative logo represent the idea of creating a safe, nurturing home environment for children.

The term flyer fits our process, because we send flyers out to the public when sex offenders move into a neighborhood. The image of the flyer and her joey represents watchfulness. Good parents will always be aware of the environment that their children are in.

Parents can sign up for alerts HERE.

Fun kangaroo facts

  • Mother kangaroo and joeyKangaroos are marsupial animals that are found in Australia as well as New Guinea.
  • There are four different kangaroo species: the red kangaroo, eastern grey kangaroo, western grey kangaroo and antilopine kangaroo.
  • Kangaroos can hop around quickly on two legs, or walk around slowly on all fours.
  • Kangaroos can’t walk backwards.
  • Kangaroos have very powerful legs, and can be dangerous at times.
  • Kangaroos can jump very high - sometimes three times their own height!
  • Kangaroos can swim.
  • Most kangaroos eat grass.
  • Baby kangaroos are known as ‘joeys’.
  • A group of kangaroos is called a ‘mob’, ‘troop’ or ‘court’.
  • The red kangaroo is the largest marsupial in the world.
  • Kangaroos usually live to around six years old in the wild.
  • Australian airline Qantas uses a kangaroo as their symbol.

Source: http://www.sciencekids.co.nz/sciencefacts/animals/kangaroo.html

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