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Let us help you provide an accurate sex offender registry and active community notification.

The OffenderWatch® Initiative helps law enforcement provide reliable information to the public concerning sexual offenders living in their community. We provide information, training and support to enable state and local law enforcement agencies to develop effective sex offender education programs to support Megan’s Law and the Adam Walsh Act.

OWI provides proven processes, tools, and training to law enforcement establishing or improving sex offender notification and education programs. As a service to assist law enforcement, probation, and parole officers OWI provides a direct mail notification service. This is the only service of this kind in the country that is targeted to this type of community notification.

Our notification mailing service is easy for Law Enforcement Agencies: 

  • Sending post card notifications is an easy 5 step process used by over 500 agencies
  • OWI Offers Consistent, High Quality Printed Notification mailings on 8 ½ x 5 ½ cardstock.
  • Your Department’s logo and note to the public is on every notice to lend it credibility and build public awareness of your program.
  • Addresses are targeted by radial map (in feet or miles around offender''s address, depending on local statutes).
  • All notification mailing are mailed within 24-48 hours after the order is received.
  • OWI averages 30 offender notification mailings per day with an average of 400 mail pieces per offender. Annually this exceeds 3 million notifications mailed.

Our Post Card Notification Service is Very Cost Effective

  • OWI saves our clients on average over 200,000 “man hours” per year. No more using officers to phone citizens, deliver flyers, place ads, handle mailing lists, print addresses and apply postage.  This also saves on fuel costs and wear and tear on officers vehicles.
  • The addresses for notification mailings are certified deliverable by the US Post Office.
  • Accurate addressing means there is no wasted postage.
  • Concerned citizens or the press can be referred to OWI.

OWI Reduces Liability to the Department

  • OWI keeps a database of mail notification for 2 years on each address.
  • OWI logs each mail notification and tracks where it was sent.
  • OWI provides an online tool that tells if a citizen’s address is within a specified radius of an offender’s address.
  • Through 2018, over 55 million residents have received email notifications.

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